2-year Master’s Programme

At Lund University Cognitive Science we offer a 2-year master’s programme that starts every other fall semester. Next application period is spring 2019.
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Single courses

NB: All courses are given in Swedish!

Single courses open for all students
• Kognitionsvetenskap: Introduktionskurs
  Introduction to cognitive science
• Kognition och kommunikation
  Cognition & communication
• Kognition, interaktion och design
  Cognition, interaction & design
• Kognitiv neurovetenskap
  Cognitive neuroscience
• Djurkognition
  Animal cognition

Single courses within other programmes
• Kognition
• Kommunikation, kognition, etik & genus
  Communication, Cognition, Ethics & Gender


Master’s programme

Guidance counselor
Eva Sjöstrand
Wednesdays 10:00-12:00
…or by appointment
(+46) (0)46 – 222 09 23

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Master’s program in cognitive science – What will I learn?

Cognitive Science is the multidisciplinary study of models of thinking. It connects research from psychology, philosophy, linguistics, computer science, neuroscience, pedagogy, biology, anthropology etc. in order to address and answer core questions regarding the human mind (and also various non-human minds such as those of animals and robots). How are experiences represented in the brain? Do we think in “words” or “images”? What happens when we learn a language? How do we form new concepts? Is it possible to build a robot that can independently solve practical problems? Is it possible that a machine can have a consciousness or a free will?

1st semester
• Introduction to cognitive science
• Cognitive neuroscience
• Animal cognition
2nd semester
• Research methodology
• Cognition, interaction & design
• Cognition & communication
• Project course
3rd semester
• Neuro-modelling, cognitive robotics & agents
• Cognition, learning & advanced technology
• Optional course
• Models & theories in cognitive science
4th semester
• Master project
• Master’s programme curriculum

Peter Gärdenfors lecturing on student motivation

Am I qualified?
For enrollment in our 2-year master’s program in cognitive science you are required a university degree at bachelor level with a major (90 credits or more) in cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, anthropology, linguistics, computer science, neuroscience, informatics, biology or pedagogy. Note that the program is given in Swedish.

When can I start?
Next admission will be for the fall semester of 2019.
• Further information (Link in Swedish)

Would you like to know more?
Contact our study advisor by phone +46 (0)46 222 0923
or by mail studievagledare@lucs.lu.se

Program coordinator
• Christian Balkenius